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Low Temperatures and High Propane Costs!!

SV Heat Harvester by SV Enterprises

All plastic and PVC construction will never allow deterioration. Motor can be pulled out easily for repair or maintenance. We have built in hangers for ease of installation and maintenance. This SV Heat Harvester was developed and tested in our own finishing facilities and in a locally owned SEW barn. The farmer’s comments included, “I need a couple more…the air is very fresh and comfortable…mortality is definitely lower in this room.” A different farmer commented on the improvements to the exchanger that made installation much easier.  Which, by the way, should take about an hour and a half.  Both barn situations required no cleaning other than the normal between-groups cleaning and maintained efficiency throughout. Just put your pressure washing wand through the tubes at appropriate pressure and it’s ready to go! This cleaning seems to take about 20 minutes for a thorough job and we have incorporated lots of access hatches (requiring no tools) for cleaning and inspection.

New for the winter of 2015/16!!  We have a powerful new Heat Harvester for pit ventilation situations!  Replace your doghouse with a pit heat exchanger and improve air quality and save money!!

Heat Harvester Economics 101

In a barn being kept at 18 degrees C, we recorded an average of 20 C increase in incoming air. (For example, -13 C became 7 C.) BTU=heat rise x 1.1 x CFM Our exchanger recorded a heat rise of an average of 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The fan on the inlet side (12 inch) gives 1000 CFM. BTU = 36 x 1.1 x 1000 = 39,600 per hour One Litre of propane contains 24,200BTU’s and let’s assume $.60/l. The value of the heat recovery in an hour is $.98 The value of the heat recovery in a day is $23.56 The value of the heat recovery in a 1 month cold snap is $706.90

Installation Process

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