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SV Enterprises New Style Wall Chimney

New Style Wall Chimney!

This style uses the hoods you may already have on your barn. We rotate them upward, drill drainage holes in the bottom (or top, depending on how you view the hood!) and then add the chimney.It consists of a template that turns the

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Save Your Barn!! (And Improve Performance!)

We have seen that the new barns in double wide configurations, hallway in the center, have exhaust and inlet operations very close to each other. Under cold conditions, while Stage 1 is operating at

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SV Enterprises SV Heat Harvester Heat Exchanger

Remember How Cold it got Last Winter and How Expensive Propane Was??

All plastic and PVC construction will never allow deterioration. Motor can be pulled out easily for repair or maintenance. We have built in hangers for ease of installation

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SV Enterprises was founded in 1987 by Herman Van Bakel and Jerry Snyders. Friends in the same community, they had built and renovated barns at the same time and imported chimneys from Holland, their native country. The chimneys were not heavy, but bulky and expensive to get here. For their next construction projects, they decided to build chimneys themselves and bought some equipment. Plastic welding was new to them, and before they could just “Google it”, they called a fellow they knew in Holland to get some advice. They made their own chimneys and then got requests for more from neighbors. And the rest, as they say, is history! With additions of equipment and agreements with Exacon to distribute the business has grown and changed. New products are offered, as the hog industry changes so does SV to provide solutions to new problems.

We now source our plastic locally! Greyco Products in Dundalk is our supplier allowing for shorter lead times and better control of quality.

In 2006 Jerry decided to retire and sold his portion of the business to Ron Van Bakel, Herman’s son, who now develops new projects, manufactures, answers the phone and makes coffee. Stop in and have one with us! 

Good Thought: A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for.

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